Thursday, December 1, 2016

La tragédie du président Hollande

La tragédie du président Hollande est dans le fait qu'il est en même temps socialiste et très intelligent. Parce qu'il est intelligent, il sait ce qu'on devrait faire. Mais parce qu'il est si profondément socialiste, il ne peut pas le faire.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Diabolic comparison

Fidel Castro, with his comrades, has killed about 20 thousand people (from the whole population of 11 million). Cubans drowned while trying to escape are not included in this number - they were about 77 thousand. Also Cuban soldiers dead while exporting communism to other countries are not included - they were about 14 thousand.

Before Castro seized power, Cuba was one of the most developed countries in the western hemisphere. Today, Cuba is economically ruined.

Cuban communists have never organised real elections and keep power  till today.
Augusto Pinochet, with his junta, has killed about 3 thousand people  (from the whole population of 16 million).

Pinochet has seized power when Chile was in complete economical disintegration. When he gave up the power, Chile was one of the most developed countries in the western hemisphere.

Pinochet has renounced power after referendum which he has lost 44/65.

Castro, together with his co-tyran Guevara, has become the hero of "all progressive forces".

Pinochet has become a prototype of evil.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Victory of D.Trump was natural

After 8 years of B.Obama and 20 years without a really conservative president, the victory of a republican was almost inevitable. There was only one possibility how a democrat could have reached the White House this time - a very bad republican candidate and a very good democrat candidate. Unfortunately, only the first part of this necessary condition was satisfied. We had very bad candidates on both sides. That was a direct consequence of the system of primary election, where only about 15% of american electors voted for two final candidates together. And those 15% have chosen the president.

It's a paradox, that when it has become clear that the system of primary election doesn't work in the USA, France has decided to follow the same path.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Hlavní téma voleb

Hlavním tématem většiny veřejných vystoupení Hillary Clinton bylo:
"Radujte se, budete mít za prezidenta ženu (tedy mne)."

Hlavním tématem většiny veřejných vystoupení Donalda Trumpa bylo:
"Postavím Ameriku na nohy aby se vám lépe žilo."

Pořád se divíte, proč vyhrál Trump ?

Monday, November 7, 2016

No republican candidate

I hoped, that after eight years of Obama, there will be a republican president in the White House. And any decent republican candidate would easily win against Hilary. Unfortunately, there is no republican candidate this time.